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Då ska jag krossa USA, hjälpa alla deras fiender tills dem är en skugga av sitt forna jag!

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”Vladimir Putin anklagar Sverige i Assange-frågan

I en första intervju sedan Vladimir Putin installerades som president anklagas Sverige för dubbelmoral när det gäller Julian Assange. Presidenten anklagar väst för dubbelmoral och kommenterade också för första gången domen mot Pussy Riot.

– När det gäller Assange, ja honom har de ju beslutat kasta ut, sa ryske presidenten Vladimir Putin skrockande och konstaterade att Assange är ett typiskt exempel på västs och i detta fall Sverige och Storbritanniens dubbelmoral.

Han ifrågasatte varför inte Sverige är berett att ge garantier för att Assange inte skickas vidare till USA från Sverige. Julian Assange har sedan länge ett program i den tv-kanal, den engelskspråkiga statliga Russia Today, där Vladimir Putin nu gav sin första längre intervju sedan han installerades.

Intervjun lades sedan också ut på presidentens officiella hemsida på nätet…”

Putin har rätt i detta, jag har sagt det hela tiden! Jag misstänker att USA är lenient mot Storbritannien så länge som Assange befinner sig på brittisk mark, men när han utlämnas till Sverige så kommer 300 000 000-landet att sätta all världens tryck på oss- 9 000 000-landet. Varför begär amerikanarna inte ut Assange av britterna? Varför är det så tyst om Assange just nu i Amerika? Varför och hur har Assange så lämpligt kunnat ta sig till en Sydamerikansk ambassad? Kommer Assange någonsin att gripas på brittisk mark? Kommer Assange att nå Ecuador, eller blir han lämpligt stoppad i tredje land för att så småningom hamna i Sverige med hjälp av ”välvilliga” utländska myndigheter, t.ex. franska?

Hellre Putin/Medvedev och FSB än Romney/Obama och CIA! Det börjar luta åt det i alla fall. Vi kan pressas till att liera oss med Ryssland och hjälpa dem med teknologi och värdefull underrättelseinformation. Då ska jag krossa USA, hjälpa alla deras fiender tills dem är en skugga av sitt forna jag!

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, den 6 september 2012


Putin’s Russia – The Slanting Slope

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Internet Blacklist to Be Classified – Paper


The general Russian public would not be informed about Web sites that make an upcoming governmental blacklist of Internet destinations, a newspaper said on Monday.


Declassifying the Web sites would advertise them instead of hindering access to them, said a commission working on implementing the new blacklist law, Vedomosti reported.


However, Web surfers visiting banned sites will be redirected to a notification page informing them that the site is blacklisted, said the commission, which comprises lawmakers, government officials and representatives of the Internet community.


The classification rule would not be abused, because the owners of the banned sites would be notified about the ban, the commission said.


An independent public group will also be appointed to monitor the blacklist, which will likely be run by the Federal Mass Media Inspection Service.


The approach is not unique in Russia: a list of state secrets in the country is itself a state secret.

The blacklist legislation, passed in July, allows for an extrajudicial ban on Web sites promoting child abuse, illegal drugs and suicide. The list is to be enforced in November.


The Federal Mass Media Inspection Service already runs a blacklist of extremist materials, including Web sites, which comprises 1,388 entries, but items can only be added to it via a court order. The extrajudicial blacklist will complement the existing one.”


RIA Novosti


Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, den 17 Augusti 2012

Putin’s Russia – The Slanting Slope

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Putin’s Russia – The Slanting Slope


Judgment Day for the Russian collective art forum Pussy Riot

Today is verdict day against the three Russian young women in Pussy Riot. All indications points to that there will be a conviction and more time in prison for the three women. The support for them came originally mainly from abroad, but public opinion in Russia has swifted during the process and has become an increasing burden on President Vladimir Putin.
The three women, 22-year-old Nadezhda, 24-year-old Maria and 30-year-old Ekaterina, is prepared to remain for some more time in prison, said Mark Feigin defense lawyer Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. He and two other defense attorneys anticipate that there will be a conviction today, and that the accused will get a longer prison sentence.

The prosecutor has pleaded for three years in prison for hooliganism. But the charges on the punk girl group is not a crime under the law, the defense argue, they may have done wrong ethically when they made their anti-Putin-prayer in the Saviors Cathedral in Moscow, but the deed was not a crime.

– This is not included in the penal clauses, especially as we according to the Russian constitution have a boundary line between church and state. That they would be sentenced for having offended religious feelings, as is claimed, is not consistent with Russian law, the lawyers say.

They argue, as do the girls themselves, that this is a political process which is not settled in court, but in the Kremlin, and that the sentence guilty has already been decided there.

The political dimension of the case was particularly significant when the three held very long speeches in their defense during the trials eighth days. What they said illustrates the abyss between the old Russian system, with roots in the Soviet Union, and a new modern young Russia represented by the three 20+ year young women.

Through the lawsuit, the three had a forum in which to challenge the Kremlin from, and they have used it with a clarity that has caused public opinion to swing from having dimwit proclaimed the girls, to regard their actions as carefully thought out and planned.

– We are freer than all of you who are sitting in front of us, we can say what we want and we do it. You only dare to say what the political censorship permits, said 22-year-old Nadezhda as she stood in the glass cage.

She is a philosophy student, mother of a four-year old girl, and with a shimmering dynamic intellect, especially obvious when she quoted from memory – Socrates, Dostoyevsky and Alexander Solsjenitsin.

The poet Maria has a five-year old son, and started out as an environmental activist. She also works to support young people placed in psychiatric clinics.

– We have a society where children are put in the clinic and are given hard drugs – all of which were given to Soviet dissidents in the 30’s. Psychological help is not available for these kids, they are systematically intimidated into silence, she said in court.

The three are not very much alike each other, except that all of them are young. The third and oldest, Ekaterina Samutsjevitsj, celebrated her 30 year birthday in the past week in prison. She studied computer programming and then she worked on a secret military facility that created software programs for the Russian submarine Nerpa. But she quit the job for further studies in multimedia and art. She amongst other things created a program that manipulates the search motors online.

Demands for their release came from throughout the world today, and even the president’s own Human Rights Council pleaded for their release.

President Vladimir Putin’s popularity has been somewhat diminished by three girls in a Russian feminist shoal. How hard the sentence will be for that, remains to be seen.”



They got 2 years. Note; Roger


Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, den 17 Augusti 2012

Putin’s Russia – The Slanting Slope

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Georgias right, Putins fight


Russia prepared for Georgia war, trained ‘militiamen’: Putin

President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia did have a contingency plan for its 2008 war with Georgia and had even trained militiamen in the breakaway region of South Ossetia.

Putin’s confession immediately led Georgia to accuse the Kremlin of starting the brief but bloody war on 2008.

Putin’s comments appeared to be a bid to shield his Kremlin predecessor Dmitry Medvedev from criticism following an online documentary that accused the former commander-in-chief of procrastinating over the decision to use force against Georgia.

Speaking on the fourth anniversary of the war, Putin said he had approved the contingency plan to counter a possible attack from Georgia months before the conflict broke out.

”There was a plan, it’s no secret in my opinion,” Putin said at the Kremlin in televised remarks.

”It’s within the framework of this plan that the Russian side acted. It was prepared by the General Staff at the end of 2006 or the beginning of 2007.”

”It was approved by me, agreed with me,” said Putin.

”Moreover, within the framework of this plan the training was conducted of South Ossetian militiamen,” he said, adding that the men proved very helpful during the conflict.

Putin, who at the time served as prime minister after the maximum two consecutive Kremlin terms allowed by the Constitution, said he called Medvedev twice to discuss the conflict.

Georgia said Putin’s revealing comments proved that the Kremlin was responsible for the conflict.

”Such a confession never happened before and it’s a paradox that even today some people are arguing about who was the aggressor,” the head of Georgia’s National Security Council, Giga Bokeria, told journalists.

The two neighbours clashed when President Mikheil Saakashvili’s military attempt to reassert control over Moscow-backed South Ossetia was crushed by Russian troops who pushed deep into Georgian territory.

After the war that stunned the West, Russia recognised South Ossetia and the fellow Georgian rebel region of Abkhazia as independent, a move that has been followed by only a handful of other far-flung states.

In a documentary making the rounds on the Russian Internet, retired army chiefs accused Medvedev of dithering at the start of the war, claiming Russia could have avoided multiple casualties if not for his indecision.

”The initial command came with great delay,” Yury Baluyevsky, chief of General Staff between 2004 and June 2008, said in the documentary.

”To put it mildly, everyone was afraid of something” before they got a ”kick in the butt” from Putin, Baluyevsky said.

Medvedev, speaking from South Ossetia where he arrived earlier Wednesday for commemoration ceremonies, appeared to defend himself, saying he had to make a series of ”difficult decisions.”

”It was done in a timely manner, it was possible to prevent much higher casualties rather quickly,” he said in the capital Tskhinvali where he was greeted with applause from locals. ”These decisions were correct and just.”

Speaking on Tuesday, Putin told a reporter he did not see the documentary about the war but said a decision to use force should never be taken lightly.

”Before making such decisions you have to think 10 times,” he said, adding that Russian authorities took three days before deciding to repel Georgian troops.

Saakashvili marked the anniversary by laying a wreath at a military cemetery in Tbilisi and meeting the families of some of the soldiers killed.

National flags have been lowered across the country for two days and campaigning for October’s parliamentary polls has been temporarily suspended.

The fighting is estimated to have killed at least 250 people and forced some 118,000 others from their homes.”

Yahoo News

You can’t take a decision about starting a war lightly, but you can withold the thruth about that war lightly? Why should we trust Putin about the former when his lying according to the latter?

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, den 17 Augusti 2012

Är Pussy Riot de farligaste av huliganer, Putin?

Är Pussy Riot de farligaste av huliganer, Putin?

Det finns bara ett tillfälle när det är berättigat att inskränka någons friheter, och det är när man inskränker friheterna för sådana som inskränker andras frihet. Citat; Roger Klang

Jag trodde att Putin var en man vars manlighet inte hängde på någon ung kvinnas dygd? En som kan stå upp och ta för sig även i tider när de egna kvinnorna försvinner till utlandet och inte många utländska kvinnor kommer in. ”Sedlighetsbrott” är endast berättigat när det handlar om tidelag, och när det handlar om tidelag så ska det anses vara ett brott endast för den som utövar dets bästa. Att fängsla Pussy Riot i sju år(!) för ett sedlighetsbrott liknar mer Iran än USA, och Putin vill väl axla USA:s roll, vill han inte? Det ryska rättssystemet går runt sedlighetsdilemmat genom att kalla det för ”huliganism” Jag har alltid respekterat ryssar för att de inte brukar våld eller allvarligt tvång mot sina kvinnor i allmänhet, inte ens när kvinnorna väljer en livsstil eller en karl som inte faller den normala ryske mannen i smaken. Det är det som skiljer ryssar från tjetjener, araber, nordafrikaner och iranier, annars är det inte mycket som skiljer. Måste jag nu sätta likhetstecken mellan ryssar och araber?

Roger Klang, Lund scaniae Sverige, den 30 juli 2012

Are Pussy Riot the most dangerous of hooligans, Putin?

Are Pussy Riot the most dangerous of hooligans, Putin?

There is only one justified cause when it is legitimate to restrict someone’s freedoms, and that is when you restrict the freedoms of those that restrict the freedom of others. Quote: Roger Klang

I thought Putin was a man whose manhood was not hanging on a young woman’s virtue? One that can stand up and face the action, even in times when his women disappear to a foreign country, and not many foreign women are entering into Russia. ”SEXUAL OFFENSE” is only legitimate when it comes to bestiality, and when it comes to bestiality, so it should be considered a crime only for the perpetrators best interrest. To imprison Pussy Riot for seven years(!) for obscenity offenses is more like Iran than the U.S., and Putin wants to take on America’s role, would he not? The Russian legal system gets around SEXUAL OFFENCE by calling it ”hooliganism”. I have always respected the Russians because they do not use violence or grave coercion against their women, in general, even when their women choose a lifestyle or a man who does not fall the normal Russian man in favor. It’s what separates Russians from Chechens, Arabs, North Africans, Iranians, otherwise there is not much that differ. Do I now have to equate Russians with North Africans?

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sweden, July 30, 2012

Sveriges röst

2 juli, 2012 3 kommentarer

Ju starkare försvar desto starkare svenskt moraliskt världssamvete, demokrati och Sveriges röst utomlands kommer nämligen inte gratis!

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, den 2/7/2012