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Putin’s Russia – The Slanting Slope

Putin’s Russia – The Slanting Slope


Judgment Day for the Russian collective art forum Pussy Riot

Today is verdict day against the three Russian young women in Pussy Riot. All indications points to that there will be a conviction and more time in prison for the three women. The support for them came originally mainly from abroad, but public opinion in Russia has swifted during the process and has become an increasing burden on President Vladimir Putin.
The three women, 22-year-old Nadezhda, 24-year-old Maria and 30-year-old Ekaterina, is prepared to remain for some more time in prison, said Mark Feigin defense lawyer Nadezhda Tolokonnikova. He and two other defense attorneys anticipate that there will be a conviction today, and that the accused will get a longer prison sentence.

The prosecutor has pleaded for three years in prison for hooliganism. But the charges on the punk girl group is not a crime under the law, the defense argue, they may have done wrong ethically when they made their anti-Putin-prayer in the Saviors Cathedral in Moscow, but the deed was not a crime.

– This is not included in the penal clauses, especially as we according to the Russian constitution have a boundary line between church and state. That they would be sentenced for having offended religious feelings, as is claimed, is not consistent with Russian law, the lawyers say.

They argue, as do the girls themselves, that this is a political process which is not settled in court, but in the Kremlin, and that the sentence guilty has already been decided there.

The political dimension of the case was particularly significant when the three held very long speeches in their defense during the trials eighth days. What they said illustrates the abyss between the old Russian system, with roots in the Soviet Union, and a new modern young Russia represented by the three 20+ year young women.

Through the lawsuit, the three had a forum in which to challenge the Kremlin from, and they have used it with a clarity that has caused public opinion to swing from having dimwit proclaimed the girls, to regard their actions as carefully thought out and planned.

– We are freer than all of you who are sitting in front of us, we can say what we want and we do it. You only dare to say what the political censorship permits, said 22-year-old Nadezhda as she stood in the glass cage.

She is a philosophy student, mother of a four-year old girl, and with a shimmering dynamic intellect, especially obvious when she quoted from memory – Socrates, Dostoyevsky and Alexander Solsjenitsin.

The poet Maria has a five-year old son, and started out as an environmental activist. She also works to support young people placed in psychiatric clinics.

– We have a society where children are put in the clinic and are given hard drugs – all of which were given to Soviet dissidents in the 30’s. Psychological help is not available for these kids, they are systematically intimidated into silence, she said in court.

The three are not very much alike each other, except that all of them are young. The third and oldest, Ekaterina Samutsjevitsj, celebrated her 30 year birthday in the past week in prison. She studied computer programming and then she worked on a secret military facility that created software programs for the Russian submarine Nerpa. But she quit the job for further studies in multimedia and art. She amongst other things created a program that manipulates the search motors online.

Demands for their release came from throughout the world today, and even the president’s own Human Rights Council pleaded for their release.

President Vladimir Putin’s popularity has been somewhat diminished by three girls in a Russian feminist shoal. How hard the sentence will be for that, remains to be seen.”



They got 2 years. Note; Roger


Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, den 17 Augusti 2012

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