English Defence League aims at Malmö

English Defence League aims at Malmö


… English Defence League’s leader and founder, Tommy Robinson, was pleased with today’s meeting and are already planning next – in Malmö.
– Yes, we’re going to Malmo. Malmö is the rape capital of Europe. It’s like an invading foreign ideology that came to Sweden and began to rape the women, while the men stand aside and do nothing, says Tommy Robinson.
When Malmö meeting be implemented are not clear ”Quote SR; Ekot

The thing is, Tommy, that rapists do not advertise their rapes with a sign in the forehead. Aggressive, threatening and forcing rapists are vile criminals and should pay the full penalty – 60-80 years in prison without chance of parole or pardon, but I am not ready to label all immigrants rapists just because of that! The vast majority of them are presumably not rapists, not even the Muslims. If I engage in a protest against rapists, it is going to be in a protest or demonstration against rapists, not against an ethnic group as such. What is the meaning with running around in the streets, burning dolls and flags or Heiling ones prefered führer, what good does that do against rapes? Policing and putting rapists in prison and throwing away the key is what helps! You can run around in the streets all day, but you still wouldn’t be able to spot any rapists. But still, you do run around. Why? Because you are not out there to bash rapists, you are there to bash immigrants indiscriminately!

You, Tommy, and the lot of the British does not say “Here but no further!” You put up your asshole in the weather and take it in the ass while pointing your dick to the north saying “I want to do to you what he did to me!” You are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, I say. Those whom do not say “Here but no further”, does not deserve my respect! You British along with many others just want to exploit the Germans, the Icelandics, the Swedes and the southeast Asians. Still, you do not recognize yourself for what you are – waps, degos. It is just as rare with a British woman with a Swedish man as it is with an Ethiopian or Arab woman with a Swedish man, why the hell should I take your side against our Ethiopian immigrants for example? You are just as bad!

Tommy! Regarding this and that, that we Swedish men are standing by while our women gets raped by immigrants. We are not informed if or when this happens by the media. Swedish media lies and shuffles the cards. We do not know when they lie or how they lie, only that they lie. I have no idea if what you are saying about Malmö being the rape capital of the world is true or not.  Rapists don’t advertise their crime. So what good does it do if I protest against muslims.., civil war? You would like that.

Women oppression comes in a floating scale up to the point of Sweden, Iceland and Germany, maybe some Asian countries. What others are doing to you, you are doing to us! But I as a man say “Here but no further!”. I do not do to the Icelandics or southeast Asians what others do to me. In your language I guess I should say; “We are not as racially mixed as you”, for you to understand what I mean. You see the connotations? I myself don’t care about race.

Our problem is that our government is so week that it is surpassed by no other nations leaders. That does not apply for me however. We don’t need you here, don’t come to Malmö!!!!!

Roger Klang, Lund Scaania Sweden

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