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Tymoshenko’s daughter fights for Yulia Tymoshenko release

She fights for Yulia Tymoshenko release

On Friday it is expected that the EU and Ukraine preliminarily will be signing the cooperation agreement which has been delayed substantially because of the prison sentence against former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. It is welcomed by Tymoshenko’s daughter, Yevgeniya Tymoshenko, who is now fighting for her mother’s release.

– It is a sign to Ukraine’s people that they are not abandoned, she says in an exclusive interview with Swedish Radio Moscow correspondent Johanna Melén.
– There are other ways to put pressure on president Janukovitjs government says 32-year-old Yevgeniya Tymoshenko, and mentions sanctions directed against the country’s top management.
We meet in her mother’s parlor at the office in Kiev.
Yulia Tymoshenko her self, is nearly 500 kilometers from here, in a women’s prison in Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine, where she was sent the day before New Year’s Eve to serve a seven-year prison sentence. She was sentenced last fall for having progressed her authority when she in 2009 as prime minister of Ukraine signed a very expensive gas contract with Russia.
The judgment was condemned by the world as political, and was interpreted as an attempt by the country’s president Viktor Yanukovych to overcome his worst political rival.
The judgment also led to that the declaration of intent on cooperation, which was supposed to be signed between the EU and Ukraine in December, were never signed. But this Friday it’s time, although Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk last week said that the speed of the continued process is determent on Yulia Tymoshenko’s fate.
In mid-May Ukraine’s Supreme Court will be taking on the case, but even before then, a new trial can start with new charges against Tymoshenko. This time for suspected financial crimes dating from the 90’s when she led Ukraine’s largest gas import company.
– We do not know what they can find, but probably something that can give her an additional prison term, said Yevgeniya Tymoshenko who is afraid that President Yanukovych is to paint himself into a corner and that it will lead to further isolation from the outside world. SR; Ekot



There is a problem with sanctions against the regime, and that is that it would drive Ukraine into the arms of Russia. But as Tymoshenko’s daughter, Yevgeniya Tymoshenko said, the sanctions should be directed towards the countreys top management of the Ukrainian government. This is not unproblematic either, it is darned right difficult.


Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, den 26/3/2012

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