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Tymoshenko found guilty

“Tymoshenko guilty of abuse of power

Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Yulia
Tymoshenko has been found guilty
of abuse of power when she
negotiated a new gas
contract with Russia, says
the judge according to Interfax.


Tymoshenko has done damage to Ukraine´s
national gas company to a value
equivalent to 1.3 billion Swedish kronas
(roughly about a little over 200 million dollars; Rogers remark),
according to the Court.

What kind of punishment she will get
is not yet clear.

After establishing Tymoshenko´s guilt
the judge Rodion Kirejev
gave the order to hold a five minute
break, the Interfax reports.

Tymoshenko herself was combative before the trial´s

– The verdict will
not change anything in my life
or in my struggle,
she said on Tuesday morning to journalists in Kiev before
the ruling, and she took the
opportunity to again accuse
the country’s political leaders of being behind the entire trial.

– I’m glad the
sentence was issued by President
Yanukovych, not by the judge Kirejev, said Tymoshenko

Yanukovych has repeatedly
vowed himself free from the accusations and argued
that the judiciary system is
totally free from political influence. Just about a week ago, Yanukovych was afflicted hard about the Tymoshenko-case at the EU’s
Eastern Partnership meeting in
Warsaw. The EU has clearly stated that Ukraine’s deep-going free trade agreements with the EU will not be signed if Tymoshenko is convicted.

– Neither in the rest
of the world, nor in Ukraine, is there someone who believes in the crime spoken of here.
Therefore, no one, neither Yanukovych nor Kirejev
will be defaming my name, said Tymoshenko according
to what the Net-paper “Correspondent”
told reporters outside the courtroom
during one of the breaks when the verdict was read.

– I have worked for
what is best for Ukraine, I work
for it, and I will continue to
work for it.

– I feel full of
power, faith, inspiration and – most
importantly – a sense of duty
to defending Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. My health is normal and I am
definitely ready to fight against this regime, said
Tymoshenko.” Quote; Ekot.


Ekot reports solidly unbiased in these
matters. But why did they make the headline like this; “Tymoshenko guilty of abuse of power” I´m
convinced it was a slip of mind. They should have made the headline like this; “Tymoshenko
found guilty of abuse of power”. But they corrected them self in the next

Roger Klang,
Lund Scaniae Sweden, 10/11/2011

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