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EU or Russia? it may be a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

or Russia? it may be a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

Long way to the EU for
the former Soviet republics

It is currently not an issue to even discuss a future EU membership
for former Soviet republics
such as Ukraine or Georgia, said Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt at the summit
of the EU’s Eastern Partnership which was
launched this Thursday.

The partnership is meant
to forge closer ties between
Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus and the EU.

– There is
nothing new with there being map makers in Europe who say this far
but no further, said Fredrik Reinfeldt
on the matter that the former
Soviet republics should be able to
join the EU in the future.

In your mind, how close are we to these countries joining the EU?

– I avoid to put this
in words so to say that it is something that is near in
time, or in similar terms;
for the simple reason that it serves
neither us, nor the Eastern Partnership

– Even for those
of us who are most keen on
good relations with the East, it
is important to note that there are many more reform
steps to take, that it will take a long time
and that there is much left to do.

The EU contributes with over five
(Swedish kronas, six kronas is currently approximately
equal to one American dollar and a few cents, last time I checked. Note; Roger
Klang) and it includes helping to build a
more European like social structure
and economy in these countries.

Moldova is generally regarded as the country, which right now are the most successful, while the Belarus dictatorship largely
strikes itself out from this partnership.

But here at the
Summit in Warsaw, the EU’s main
headache is Ukraine. Several EU leaders have sharply criticized
President Viktor Yanukovych for the lawsuits against,
amongst others, former Prime Minister
Yulia Tymoshenko.

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt has called it
”show trials”. Still, Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt thinks that
the EU should proceed with the ongoing negotiations
with Ukraine on the issue of a free
trade agreement.

– It’s like a
pressuring in order for them to
modernize and develop the economy.

But couldn´t this be seen as a victory for Yanukovych?

– Yes, but I
think it could be a triumph for
us, if such a big country like Ukraine is allowed to get deeper involved in a free trade agreement with
us. So we may, in essence, seek
other means of pressuring against
the President Yanukovych.
Ekot, Sweden


what other means could there be, besides military or economical pressure,
Fredrik? Trading is the opposite of economical pressure, unless we introduce
tolls between the US and EU on the one hand and Ukraine on the other, tolls
which should be depending on Viktor Yanukovych willingness or not, to free
Yulia Tymoshenko and her likes. What do you mean by “other means” Fredrik? Hurtful
words? Stupid coward! Ukraine and Georgia have all the right in the world to
join the EU, they are sovereign states with western values! What justifies
Fredrik to oppose these countries strive to join the stupid EU immediately, or
for that matter Nato, if that is what they want? (I sure would understand if
they preferred not to join the EU, actually. But for them it may be a matter of
choosing the lesser of two evils.)

I am of course not arguing for a military intervention in Ukraine, because that
is contra-productive, but you understood that?

Klang, Lund Scaniae Sweden, 30/9/2011


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