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What does the law imply, that Tymoshenko is charged with?

What does the law imply, that Tymoshenko is
charged with?

“Tymoshenko trial important for Ukraine’s future

Today the trial of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was resumed. The outcome of it may be crucial for the country’s efforts towards closer cooperation with the EU.

Outside of the court in
the Ukrainian capital Kiev there have been demonstrations for over a month by
Tymoshenko supporters, against what they regard as a politically motivated

– We want Yulia Tymoshenko to be set free and that she
will recover her legal rights, says Aljesa who accordingly to a running
schedule has arrived at the small tent camp outside of the court building in
the middle of the city of Kiev, a camp that has existed for over a month now.

We sit here with our flyers and the pictures of our
leader, she says. Julia Tymoshenko, was arrested because of bad conduct in the courtroom
at the beginning of August.

The country’s former prime minister and one of the leading
figures in the Orange Revolution since 2004, is accused of having misused her
position when she two years ago signed a gas contract with Russia. A contract
that was very expensive for Ukraine and which the country’s current leadership
want to tear up.

But the protesters outside of the court, believes that the
trial is an illegitimate political process orchestrated by President Viktor
Yanukovych who wants to crush Yulia Tymoshenko before the parliamentary
elections, which are scheduled for next year. Tymoshenko was the only opponent
who seriously was a threat to Yanukovych when he won the presidential election
last year.

demonstrators in Kiev are backed by a united world, with Europe leading the
way, and now the trial of Tymoshenko is adventuring to seriously impede
Ukraine’s highly anticipated rapprochement with the Union.

On Thursday the launch of the EU summit takes place including
the countries of the Eastern Partnership, which Ukraine is a member of. The partnership’s
goals include tighter EU trade relations with the Eastern Partnership
countries, all of them former Soviet republics.

This trial may be crucial for the continuation of the
cooperation between Ukraine and Europe, says Igor Kogut, director of the
Ukrainian School of Political Studies. Tymoshenko
would leave the doors open for a continuation of the Europeean-Ukranian process
– if she on the other hand is convicted, however, well then Ukraine in Europe’s
eyes will appear to be a country that fails to live accordingly to democratic
principles, he says.” Quote; Ekot, Sweden

If a person, a former state
leader in this case, can be prosecuted for making bad but not corrupt business
deals for their country and people, then Yanukovich surely must be committing crimes
repeatedly himself when he distances his country from the EU, only in effect
many times worse with lost important deals in specific, also with the USA? And
remember, we can see to it that Ukraine has to pay more for western merchandise
just to incriminate Victor Yanukovich in Ukraine, just as Russia did to Yulia
Tymoshenko! But can he replace those deals with deals with Russia? Let’s take a
complementing and relevant view; Are less of quality of received merchandise also
a ground for prosecuting the, for the state purchasing individual in charge?
And isn’t western merchandise generally more sophisticated and qualitative than
Russian merchandise (sometimes this is not the case thou)? Good merchandise
generally speaking cost more than bad merchandise, so how do you distinct
prices and/or expenses for the state (not relevant to the trial with Tymoshenko,
but it questions the legitimacy of such a law since it is inconsistent)? If Viktor
Yanukovych signs a contract for buying A4 paper sheets for the computer printers
in the ministerium or the city hall for double the price, not because he is
corrupt thou, is he then committing a crime? It could be quality paper sheets! Exactly
at what level of expenses, in a non corrupt deal, does the court consider a
business deal to be a crime? Why is Yulia Tymoshenko put on trial when so many
bad deals for one party have taken place between two states, especially when
one of the two states is significantly weaker and in a depending position to
the other state, not only Ukraine to Russia but all over the world involving a
number of countries? Nobody non-corrupt wants to make a bad deal. So exactly
what crime did she deliberately commit? Or are they prosecuting Tymoshenko
because she allegedly is a traitor to her country? If that is the case they
should say so! Because that could implicate that Yanukovych is a traitor if he
strike deals with Russia instead of what he could have done, freed Yulia
Tymoshenko and give her back all of her civil rights and consequently being
able to continue to make major deals with the EU and the USA to the same extent
for his country and to the same price as everybody else. And then he cannot be
charged as a traitor or a bad-deal-businessman himself. Fair trade, Yanukovych?
I will send this to the Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt too!

The gas deal was just not only
business between two contracting party´s equal to each other. No, this deal was
a matter of political advantages by Russia, and political disadvantages for
Yulia Tymoshenko and Ukraine! Can one really blame a politician for being a
realist, if she did her best with the gas deal? Does not Yulia Tymoshenko want
the best for her people, wasn’t her intentions honest? It is tough in top
politics, Tymoshenko is only human and a woman. Will, can be borne down by the
load, Yanukovich knows this.

***(Will can literally be forced upon you, in this case by the Russians, but sometimes by
America like in the case with the “renditions” of al-Qaida prisoners accompanied
by the CIA in European countries. Statesmen have less deliberately broken
important laws in their own country, in connection with these events. And they
barely even knew, them self, at the time, that they didn’t want to brake the
law. The smaller the country and the bigger their antagonist, the bigger the
impact on individual statesmens own will and purpose, I’m talking of the impact
from the world. But the bigger the statesman, the more successful in
maintaining his or her integrity under pressure! You also need courage. Or as Carl
Von Clausewitz said it;
Two qualities are indispensable: first, an
intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner
light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light
wherever it may lead.”
Karl Von Clausewitz, b. 1780 d. 1831)

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sweden,

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