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The crime of “improving ones image by power abuse”

The crime of “improving
ones image by power abuse”

“Prosecutor demands
jail for Tymoshenko

The prosecutor calls for seven years in prison for Ukraine’s former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who is accused of power abuse in
connection with a gas contract
with Russia in 2009.

But many believe
that the motive is political and when the prosecutor read out his claims the people in the courtroom in Kiev reacted strongly.

– Fascists! the
politician Zorjan Sjkirjak
shouted when the prosecutor Lilija
Frolov said that she
believes that Yulia Tymoshenko should be sentenced to seven
years in prison for abusing her position as prime minister when she signed a costly
gas contract with Russia in 2009.

The prosecutor also called for a three-year ban on holding
any public position.

According to Lilija Frolov, Tymoshenko signed
the gas deal to ”improve
her image” after a protracted conflict
on the Russian gas pipeline that stretches through Ukraine into Europe.

Tymoshenko´s lawyer said after the trial that in his view, both the accusations
as well as the prosecutor´s claim is illegal.

A fairly united
world community´s opinion, with the
EU in the lead, is that the trial
of Tymoshenko is politically

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt
has called the trial “a show trial unworthy of Ukraine”.

This comming Thursday the EU is meeting the
six countries of the Eastern Partnership, which includes Ukraine,
to discuss closer cooperation. Some had hoped that the
pressure on the President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, would
be too strong, building up to the
summit and that he would set
Tymoshenko free.

But today’s statement
from the prosecutor is indicating
that he has decided to bring the process forward. If this goes the prosecutor’s way Yulia Tymoshenko is neutralized both in parliamentary
elections next year and the presidential election in 2015.

The trial of Tymoshenko was resumed this morning.” Quote; Ekot,

What does the crime of “improving
her image by power abuse” mean? “Improving her image” is just a meaningless
most likely political accusation that can mean a thousand things and no one
thing. If it ain’t a specific crime it has got nothing to do in a courtroom! If
we brake down the first part of the by the prosecutor separated accusation even
further into the words “improving” and “Image” we can see that the two words
are abstract and non-saying both together and each one by itself, they can
imply almost anything and no one thing at the same time. That is typical for
this kind of politically motivated trials! The second part of the divided
accusation confirms this by stating “power abuse”. The words “Power” and
“abuse” are also abstract and non-saying both together and each one by itself,
they can imply almost anything and no one thing at the same time, just as well.
The only concrete word in the accusation is “her”, meaning Yulia Tymoshenko. So,
here we have the case; Yulia Tymoshenko is guilty of anything and no one thing.
At least if we are going to validate the prosecutor´s chosen semantics, and
also if the court cannot derive any specific crime from the prosecutor´s
semantics. Because this is what it is – semantics – and if the prosecutor lean
on nonsense semantics instead of specific proven crimes, the court must
acknowledge that and consequently throw out the case!

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sweden, 9/28/2011

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