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Tymoshenko poisoned?

Opposition leader Yulia
Tymoshenko has now been allowed to see her doctor in Kiev. Tymoshenko, who
is imprisoned during the trial,
suddenly became ill last week and has
every day since, demanded
to see her own doctor. Today she could.

Her doctor, together with government medical experts, conducted a study, but took
no samples from Yulia. According
to the authorities, Tymoshenko´s
health is satisfactory. Her private doctor has
not yet made a statement…
Quote; SR; Ekot

I have been
In England for important conferences the past week and I haven’t been able to
comment on the events in Ukraine. But I will now comment the events this past
week in Ukraine. Both Victor Juschenko and Yulia Tymoshenko are good looking,
in Juschenkos case – were good looking, and that creates “the Reagan effect”. People
want their leader to be good looking, it is a commonly known fact, wouldn´t you
agree? The Ukrainian authorities with leader Viktor Yanukovych are well aware
of this, history shows! Therefore, the biggest threat to Yulia Tymoshenko and
therefore to Ukraine, is not that she should die, but that she will be facially
crippled apparent wise. Because, if she dies there will automatically follow an
autopsy, and they don´t want that if they have crammed her full with poison. It
is funny what SR; Ekot wrote (see above part) ; for instance, why is it
necessary to have the authorities own doctors and experts present when Yulia´s
doctor examines her, and why didn´t Yulias doctor get any samples, isn´t that
standard procedure? Simultaneously with Yulias illness, they are throwing out one
of Yulias Lawyers for discontent for the court. It looks like if there is no
connection between Yulias illness and this. And we will probably never know if
there was any sweeping and cunning plan behind these events. But if Yulia is
ill, and one of her most loyal and presumably most skillful lawyers were thrown
out of court at the same time, the defense will considerably weaken. Plus Yulia
are in danger of losing her good looks, she has a rash all over her body at
present time. The trial has been going on for two months. They needed something
like this to bring the trial to an end with a sentence of guilty for the
defendant. Yulia has been imprisoned for almost two weeks now.

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, 8/24/11


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