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About Latter Day Saint´s (LDS) and how they sometimes wrongly are associated with FLDS

Letter from my contact in Britain, and my answer regarding LDS (Latter Day Saint´s).

Hey Roger,

I receive breaking world news into my work-email as it
happens; yesterday I got this breaking news notification below.

I thought you might be interested.


“A Texas jury Thursday found
polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs guilty of two counts of sexual assault.

Jeffs was charged with sexual
assault on a child after a 2008 raid on a ranch near Eldorado, Texas, operated
by his church.

Jeffs, the leader of the
Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, represented himself
in the trial, which started last week. He also faces one count of bigamy, and
is expected to be tried on that charge later.” Quote CNN

Yes,FUNDAMENTALIST Latter Day Saint´s (FLDS, not
which has an evil leader and is an out breaker from LDS at some time.
The things that goes on there gives me chills (I´ve seen a documentary of FLDS
presumably sanctioned by Warren Jeffs himself). By Warren Jeffs own words and
deeds I refer that he is an extremely evil man. Even in the days when LDS was
polygamists their words and actions and good deeds did not differ from today.
But LDS people and leaders still don´t want to talk about the polygamy from
their past. They therefore cannot officially deny FLDS their so called God-given
right to practice polygamy, and therefore they consequently cannot attack FLDS
verbally in any matter because they claim that everything the LDS-church Profets
have ever officially declared has been sanctioned by God, including the polygamy
in the early days, which since then has been revoked by God. Well, the
American authorities at the time might have had something to do with it also to
be fair, nobody is denying that, but the Prophet prayed in the matter and the
answer was a respond to give polygamy up, there wasn´t any fight about it.
Maybe that is how God works? That´s LDS biggest weakness, that they cannot attack
FLDS verbally! It is possible that FLDS broke out from LDS in the 20:th
century, long after LDS stopped being polygamists. LDS didn´t start out
practicing polygamy. The reason for the early LDS-people to become polygamists is
unknown to me, but I think that it might have had something to do with the civil war.



Of course LDS cannot convey this, only a nonmember can. And I too can do
God´s work, which I´m doing here!

Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige,
den 5/8/2011

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