Tymoshenko remains popular in Ukraine

http://sverigesradio.se/sida/artikel.aspx?programid=83&artikel=4572270 Swedish news from 24/6-2011

Tymoshenko sees trial as revenge

In Kiev, the
trial opened against Yulia Tymoshenko, former Prime Minister of Ukraine. She is accused of abuse of
power. During negotiations fights erupted
in the courtroom on Friday.

Yulia Tymoshenko is accused of
having cost Ukraine billions when she as prime minister made up with her Russian
counterpart Vladimir Putin on gas supplies in early 2009. The agreement came after a brief
conflict with Russia and a stop in gas supplies.

Tymoshenko believes that the
proceedings against her are politically motivated and a pure act of revenge by
her political opponents, President Viktor Yanukovych.

During the first day’s
proceedings there was a fight between Tymoshenko supporters in the audience and
a group of young strangers, whom an Interfax news agency reporter at the site
called them.

The fight started when Tymoshenko
supporters shouted insults to the person who was accounting for the
parliamentary inquiry on the gas deal. The so-called young “unknown
persons” went to attack, but was abruptly forced out of the room.

Yulia Tymoshenko called the
trial a farce and accused the judge of going the president’s errands. She also requested that the
judge should be replaced, something the court did not agree on.

Tymoshenko remains popular in
Ukraine and when she came to the courtroom, she was met by several hundred
supporters who were chanting ”Julia Julia.””


And here I
have always thought that it was Viktor Yanukovych that was Russian friendly? It
was a very smart move by Viktor Yanukovych to see to that Yulia Tymoshenko was
put to trial particularly for this so called “crime” of his choice, it is almost
like it was Yulia that was the traitor! Is it even a crime what Yulia is
charged for? Yanukovych will not likely disagree with Putin´s Russia and
therefore he will always get a better deal with Gazprom than Tymoshenko can get.
But what if Yanukovych costs Ukraine western money in the process of binding
Ukraine to Russia, which most probably will happen if it not already has? Must
not he face trial then? That is why I question the legitimacy of this trial.
Making a bad deal should not be punishable by law unless it was caused by gross
incompetence, and we know that this was not the case with Yulia Tymoshenko
since she was taking responsibility for Ukraine by opposing Russian extortion, an
extortion caused by the fact that Yulia was truly Ukrainian and hence the wrong
woman/guy in office. Just like the Swedish governance do in Sweden now that
sub-mafia Vladimir Antonov is trying to make SAAB Automobile a money launder for
Russian Mafia. But SAAB is dead! Noone is contemplating dragging the Swedish financial
minister Maud Olofsson to trial because of her handling the case here! But then
again, we have a very small population of Russians in Sweden. And this is why
we do not want trading or fiscal business between Sweden´s entrepreneurs and financers
and their Russian corrupt counterparts, since a Russian population gives rise
to Mafia activity in our country and a Russian population comes automaticly
when two countries do business, and one of them is Russia. In fact all business
with all countries means people crossing borders and people mixing, it is not a
total non give away that National Economy is a humanistic faculty at the
universities. We have reason to suspect that Putin “shook lose” a couple of
mafia bosses just for us Swedes behalf prior to the SAAB deal, since recently
two mafia bosses from Russia have been sent here around the same time approximately
a year and a half ago, trying to establish them self in Sweden. That is how
Putin is trying to influence Sweden, and that´s why I support Yulia Tymoshenko.

Roger Klang,
Lund Scaniae Sweden, 15/7-2011

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