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The Latvian people and the Swedish banks

I was never one to condone to Swedish banks investing in Baltikum, I knew what would happen. But you know how the private market is, they just want to make money! But just because of that you can not go and take the banks hostage like an African Marxist country that seizes private property from ethnic whites, and still think they are going to get away with it. It is much more likely that such a country catches a thrillingly decending hyperinflation, or with your more of a mature politic – catch an inflation with an even more downspiraling influence on the economy than today. Progressive taxes for foreign banks, exclusively, does the same thing to the Latvian economy. If you are a good people God will turn the tables for you, eventually, like he will do for us, as I was promised in 1993! And really, it wasn´t just Latvia and Balticum that experienced a regression, it was the whole world including Sweden. Your beef is however with the private banks, not with the Swedish state. But I bet if you squeeze the banks hard enough, they will take their future losses, and grab with them whatever money they have earned and pull back, and I bet your only option will bee to turn to the much bigger and more oppressive Russia, or to the super capitalists themself – the United States of America – with their mercyless big market that will not even notice the little Latvian country´s tears when they grind your money into their economic system. I´m sorry for you! May your luck in love and money turn in the future!

Friendly whishes; Roger Klang, Lund Scaniae Sverige, den 2/10/2010

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