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SAAB automobile could have outlived GM!

GM:s mighty vice chairman, Bob Lutz, says that SAAB has been a financial disaster. He compares the brand with a sick patient whom is beyond salvation.

That´s strange, I thought management was meant to manage? It´s more probable that GM is the responsible doctor whom malpracticed SAAB to death. How can a vice chairman be so lacking of self insight? The sick one is rather GM:s management! GM:s management are dinosaurs. They thought they could buy a flower and not having to nurture it. SAAB used to be viable, before the GM era for the SAAB automobiles! SAAB used to have a management strategy – safe cars and safe car marketing, Quality cars marketing, aircraft influences on the design and marketing, unique and esthetic design on the edge. That was their niche! What´s left? GM:s view on SAAB was to use it as a moneymaker, but nothing makes money without care. GM should liquidate itself, not SAAB automobiles!

It´s the same story over again, with Ford and VOLVO!

M.v.h. Roger Klang, Lund den 1/14/2009

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